And here is
Oliver who likes to
do all those things
nobody else has
thought of

.........such as really getting
into the washing-up
and trying to make
sandcastles out of flour- -
....found some flour in the
bathroom and it smells a lot
nicer so why are they upset !
there you are ! getting
stuck in means nice and tidy
- but bit boring so.............
....but you said to
have a wash -
.......but Mum this washes
my clothes as well
.... "this is good - I can see them all looking
for me - takes them ages to look up here,
especially my Nana who jumps in surprise
when she suddenly sees me watching her"
...O.K. I give in - time for
bed to read my video
If you are a young person please do not be tempted
to copy Oliver - your Mum would not be pleased !
not being allowed to do
things is very boring......
.... OLIVER !!!!!
oh, there they go again - they do not
seem to like me taking my trousers off
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you will note that his Mum is still
smiling - as only a mother can - and
calls for the camera
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