This is Charlie
who likes trains,
power rangers,
painting and
...."I AM a Power Ranger
so watch out"
but then he liked the Zoo and
tried out looking like a duck
perhaps this would have been
a better idea for the zoo
hmm, this is nice but the
hat may hamper the action

.....o.k then, I can do this -
I am Harry Potter afterall
....and the spell worked !
"this should frighten them"
" Oliver has gone but there is a lot of
flour everywhere ! - think we better find
him - I can follow his footsteps ....."
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...... "hang on Mum, I think I will
REALLY be Spiderman in a minute,
.... "hey Oliver ! -
thats my coat, go back to
your own page...... "
.... "think I will try another spell .....
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