Horsham St. Faith
Horsham St. Faith is a village near Norwich in Norfolk England. It takes its name from the stream the Hor, which runs through it on its way from Horsford to Horstead. It is nearby Norwich International Airport which began in 1939 as RAF Horsham St Faith
It has the remains of a Motte and Bailey castle on the Horsford side of the A140 reached by following a track to the north of the Church Street which joins Horsford and Horsham St Faith.
On October the 17th from the early 12th Century until 1872 it played host to one of the countries largest cattle fairs. This fair was held to the south of Spixworth Road and Bullock Hill and Calf Lane got their names from this fair.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the Manor House and the land that in 1939 became RAF Horsham St Faith was owned by John Thomas Spurrell youngest son of Richard James Spurrell, of Thurgarton (Norfolk) Inside the church at Horsham St. Faith there is a memorial to his eldest son, John Francis Brabazon Spurrell, who was killed by buffalo at Kibaya, Tanganyika in 1927.
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