and her nieces and nephews considered her as
something of a figure of authority. She was a
skilled seamstess. Her brother Reginald called her
'the only honest Jew, I ever knew'.

Julia married Albert Ralph in June 1910 in Hastings
and was widowed when he collapsed and died
around the late 1928's to early 1930's. Albert was
a keen gardener, and may have had welsh family
connections. The couple had two children, Charles,
'Charlie' and Victor 'Vic' in May 1915. The family
lived at Bath in a bungalow 'Dunroamin' for a time.
They shared the bungalow with younger sister
Clarissa. Their permanent home was at Vicarage
Road, Hastings.
and this may have been Clarissa. However, she was unable to marry Percival until
she had been separated for a period of many years.
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